Entropica Labs

Entropica Labs is closing the gap between research and real-world applications of quantum computing. Co-founded by CQT alumni Ewan Munro and Tommaso Demarie, the company’s mission is to develop quantum algorithms and software for the life sciences, in particular network biology and genomics, with the goal of accelerating precision medicine.


Co-founded by CQT alumnus Ravi Kumar, Atomionics is building atom-interferometry based sensing systems for navigation and exploration. It aims to make the most reliable and accurate navigation system which work everywhere – including underwater, underground and other GPS-denied areas. Atomionics exploration systems enable precisely pinpointing hydrocarbon and mineral reserves.

S-Fifteen Instruments

S-Fifteen Instruments was spun off from CQT to commercialise proprietary quantum technologies developed over decades of research. S-Fifteen Instruments offers equipment for quantum control as well as hardware devices for quantum-safe solutions to serve clients who require unparalleled trust and transparency for their cryptographic requirements.


SpeQtral is building space-based quantum communication systems rooted in advanced technologies developed at CQT. The technology enables encryption to secure communications with forward security. SpeQtral’s team has heritage from a successful on-orbit demonstration of a quantum light source on a cubesat.