Welcome to Quantum SG, Singapore’s network for researchers working on all aspects of quantum information technology. Research in quantum technology ranges from fundamental physics to instrument development. Singapore has a community of a few hundred scientists working in this field across the country’s institutes of higher learning and research organisations. The high quality of the R&D work performed in Singapore has also led to a number of start-up companies.

Quantum SG aims to foster the growth of the quantum ecosystem in Singapore. Established by researchers to bring the quantum community together, we hold regular dialogue sessions to support collaboration and coordinate research activities. Together, we strive to build a vibrant quantum science & technology SG network.

Quantum SG Committee

You may complete the contact form or reach out to any of our committee members with questions or feedback about Quantum SG.

Alexander Ling
Alexander Ling CQT and Physics, NUS
Anna Paterova
Anna Paterova IMRE, A*STAR
Dario Poletti
Dario PolettiSUTD
Kwek Leong Chuan
Kwek Leong ChuanCQT and NIE
Rainer Dumke
Rainer DumkeCQT and SPMS, NTU
Rahul Jain
Rahul JainCQT and SoC, NUS
Steven Touzard
Steven TouzardCQT, MSE, & Dept. of Physics, NUS